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Edward Ware's Death Trap: sequel#4

Edward Ware's Death Trap

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Criminal Neglect of Statutory Duties

On 31 August 2001, Frogmore Developments Ltd., a private equity company, settled the price of 2,465,000 for the land and buildings on the north side of Redland Hill, Redland, Bristol; formerly Redland College, and including another lot.

"The harassment began back in 2002 when I worked as the managing director of 'Edward Ware Homes'". EJW [statement to police]

Edward Ware's company, Acraman (305) Ltd. became managing contractor. The finance director of his company gave his address as Matrix Chambers.

"During this time the company bought the entire Redland campus from The University of West of England." EJW [statement to police]

Edward Ware took over the site, in good order, from the University of the West of England Facilities Management Team.

"The property was vandalised prior to the purchase being completed and the suspects were prosecuted." EJW [statement to police]

Salvage gang/s removed more than a hundred valuable hardwood and wired-glass firestop doors - including every exterior door. Thousands of square metres of firestop suspended ceiling panels and tracking were taken, along with valuable flooring and wall tiles. A little cash.

With the buildings wide-open, there followed an anarchic salvage theft and vandalism spree.–"A wide-open playground for innocent and unwise children"

"The site was secure and patrolled by security; there were no accidents or incidents. EJW [statement to police]

Edward Ware did nothing to secure the site or buildings:– to secure the site perimeters; post warning notices; secure the entrances or shutter the structures. There was never a security presence; no guards or patrols; no security company sign boards:– no competent control or monitoring of any kind.
Did 'security'
report any incidents to Edward Ware?

After more-than nine months possession, seven days after EWH was warned by Martin Ashmead, an alcoholic nightwatchman was installed in a caravan onsite; a start made sealing the structures.

The buildings could never have arrived in their sacked and wrecked condition if there had ever been physical and human security or responsible oversight.

"Martin Ashmead is not the Dangerous Buildings and Structures Officer, he is the Building Compliance Officer." EJW [statement to court]

Martin Ashmead tipped-off Edward Ware Homes about my phone report to Bristol City Council – Dangerous Buildings and Structures Office on 24 May, 2002.
That complaint was never recorded and BCC neglected their statutory duties.

Police Officers belonging to Avon & Somerset Constabulary neglected their duty to protect public safety – to detect and prevent crimes – the dangers and crimes obvious and stark – vandalism prosecutions already mounted:– The Police owe... "A duty to safeguard the life and physical integrity of individuals known to be at risk" "Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods".

Valerie Davie MP said at the time:–
"It's private property. It's up to the parents to stop their children going there."

"Edward Ware has been in property related business's since the early 1980's. ... A number of high profile developments include The Panoramic in Clifton, the redevelopment of the former UWE Redland campus and a new urban village, Coed Darcy in Swansea with The Princes Foundation". EJW [school webpage]

On 17 December 2002, the site was sold to Crosby Homes for 5,757,500.
A gross profit of 3,292,500. – 6,961for every day of ownership.

 "Our philosophy is one of aiming for excellence in every respect." EJW 


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